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Chinese McKinsey Jointly to Create a Better Future

JuQi Consultancy, registered as Hangzhou Juqi Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2014. The initial goal was to develop revolutionary technological products for the energy industry.

Due to Dr.Musk Huang, the founder, providing public welfare services to scholars at the China Europe Energy Center since 2008, the company has assisted in providing docking services for small and medium-sized energy enterprises and experts. Due to excellent service, more and more global PhDs and renowned companies are enjoying the company's assistance. Advanced headhunting services unexpectedly became the company's main business.

In 2023, based on the assessment of the current global economic development status and trends, the company has re-planned and positioned itself as a great consulting company in the technology industry, similar to McKinsey's. Assist universities and PhDs in efficiently and quickly applying their research results in technology enterprises, and jointly create a better future. The company plans to develop 100 subsidiaries worldwide.

Main services 

① Advanced headhunting: 高端猎头

  • PhD job search and recruitment 博士的求职与招聘;
  • Enterprise CXO (CEO | CTO | CHO | CFO | CMO);
  • Jointly organize talent exchange meetings; 联合举办人才交会 https://www.phdclub.top

② Industry university research cooperation: 产学研合作

  • Outsourcing enterprise research projects to universities 企业研究课题外包给大学;
  • University and Enterprise Joint Research Institute 共建校企联合研究院;

③ Management consulting管理咨询:

  • Procurement/supply chain 采购/供应链
  • Corporate finance 企业金融
  • International market cross industry cooperation 国际市场异业合作

Benchmarking cases  

  • Institutional Success Cases:

①         NUSRI http://en.nusri.cn/aboutus/nusriprofile

②         Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society

③         University-Enterprise Cooperation

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