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Research profile title: Regenerative Medicine and physiopathological models targeted toward therapeutic applications

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This scheme aims to facilitate the recruitment of young lecturer-researchers on the basis of job profiles pre-identified by the institution in emerging and highly multidisciplinary disciplines or where there are strong international stakes. The scheme is part of a talent management policy shared with partner institutions, particularly research organizations. Synergies with the systems of these organizations, whether ATIP-Avenir or "Inria Starting Faculty Position", will be sought.


The chair will be funded for a period between three and five years maximum. The chairholder will be first recruited on a fixed-term contract as a lecturer-researcher during which his or her work is monitored and evaluated (evaluation at 3 years and then at the end of the chair). If the evaluations are successful, the University of Bordeaux will then publish a statutory position. This recruitment will be carried out via the traditional competitive procedure.


The funding will cover the salary of the project leader for a maximum of 5 years (3-year fixed-term contract renewable for 2 years after evaluation; or 3 years + 1 year, 2 years + 2 years; 2 years + 1 year depending on the situation). In addition, as this is an attractiveness scheme targeting the teaching and research profession, a teaching service with a minimum of 64 hours/year may be requested.

Project-related costs such as running costs, equipment and for the recruitment of staff dedicated to the project, may complete the Chair's budget. This can be done either within the framework of this program or within the framework of external funding (regional chair, Atip Avenir), depending on the recruitment situation.

The main stages of this scheme are explained below:

Pre-recruitment chairs

For further information on the call for applications, the eligibility criteria and the evaluation process, please refer to the Applicant’s Guide (additional documents section).

Disciplinary field(s): Biology / Health 

Targeted CNU4 section(s):

64th section – Biochemistry and molecular biology

65th section - Cellular Biology 

66th section - Physiology 

87th section - Teaching and research staff of pharmacy in biological, basic and clinical sciences 



Research profile title: Regenerative Medicine and physiopathological models targeted toward therapeutic applications. 

Research department5: Health sciences and technologies 

Research Profile:


Laboratory for the Bioengineering of Tissues (BioTis) 

Cardiothoracic Research Center of Bordeaux (CRCTB) 

Natural and Artificial regulations (ARNA) 

Director(s) of Laboratory(ies) - contacts details: 

BioTis : Jean-Christophe FRICAIN - jean-christophe.fricain@u-bordeaux.fr 

CRCTB : Roger MARTHAN - roger.marthan@u-bordeaux.fr 

ARNA : Philippe BARTHELEMY - philippe.barthelemy@u-bordeaux.fr 

Description of the research project: 

The University of Bordeaux is looking for candidates that want to pursue a carrier as a university professor and develop high-level research programs. The department of Health Sciences and Technologies (Sciences et Technologies pour la Santé (STS)) is focused on the development of therapeutic approaches to improve health and treat diseases. The successful candidate will develop a research project that will be aligned with the general themes of the BioTis, CRCTB or ARNA laboratories. These include vascular, cardiac, respiratory and bone therapeutics (among others) as well as biofabrication techniques, like bioprinting, that are not organ specific. The therapeutic goal can be tailored to the candidates expertise and interest. 

The clinical relevance of the project will be an important factor for the evaluation of the candidate. The approach can be pharmacological, based on a medical device, a cell-based therapy, or a complex construct using biofabrication methods. All these avenues are being developed in the labs that will support this position. It is also preferable to include animal models in the research program strategy. 

Expected competences: 

The candidate will have extensive expertise in either the technological or the physiological aspects relevant to the proposed research project. A strong background in cell biology and/or physiology relevant to the pathology to be explored is expected. A robust publication record will confirm the scientific productivity of the candidate. An established ability to secure funding is also expected. An international experience is necessary and ongoing international collaborations as well as a multidisciplinary experience will be seen as significant pluses. Experience in managing research (student/staff supervision) is essential. Finally, teaching experience will be an important selection criterion. 

Expected scientific impact: 

The candidate will be expected to take on various responsibilities in the lab where the research project will be developed. The candidate is expected to work with other members of the lab to develop new projects. This funding mechanism is meant as a bridge towards national and international funding to support the development of a new research team around the proposed project and successful candidate. 



Title of the training profile: Regenerative Medicine, biomaterials, and physiopathological models targeted toward therapeutic applications 

Assignment component6College of Science and Technology 

Pedagogical profile:

Pedagogical assignment (education unit): UF de Biologie de l’Université de Bordeaux (https://biologie.u-bordeaux.fr) 

Director of the education unit - contact details: Frédéric Gévaudant – frederic.gevaudant@u-bordeaux.fr 

Training courses concerned: 

Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences and Master's Degree in Health Engineering / UBGrad Science and Technology for Health (SiTH) 

Pedagogical objectives and need for supervision: 

The pedagogical objectives of the recruited person recruited will be to integrate the teaching team of the UF Biology and thus to teach within the Bachelor of Life Sciences and also the EUR / UBGrad SiTH program training in animal biology and physiology. He/she will therefore not only take part in the teaching but also participate in the management and animation of this program by taking pedagogical responsibilities, particularly within the future Regenerative Medicine course. In addition, the recruited person will be mobilized to mentor the students in the advancement of their professional project by guiding them in their immersion within the internship laboratories and by advising them in the construction of their career path.

4 Website of the national council of universities (CNU) : https://conseil-national-des-universites.fr/cnu/#/

 5 Description of the research departments : https://www.u-bordeaux.com/Research/Research-departments

6 Description of the training structures: https://www.u-bordeaux.com/Education/Colleges-Institutes


Research profile title: Regenerative Medicine and physiopathological models targeted toward therapeutic applications
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